Vibration Foam Roller 36" Hard Foam Vibrating Exercise Roller For Athletes, Runners, Yoga, Pilates, Rehab, Physical Therapy, Workout, Gym – Best Fascial Massage Therapy Muscle Roller By InVIBEron

Vibration Foam Roller

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MASSAGE YOURSELF THROUGH THOSE TIGHT MUSCLES: This revolutionary, top rated technique will help you achieve a massage that will gradually and kindly penetrate your skin, soothing pain on sore muscles. Far better than traditional hard foam rollers, you will achieve gentle restoration of the collagen matrix found in our bodies.
• 36" FULL LENGTH WILL ROLL YOUR BODY TO THE RIGHT POSTURE: The InVIBEron vibration foam roller will help you acquire the proper body posture thus avoiding muscle soreness at the source!
• STRENGTHEN YOUR BODY: Use the InVIBEron vibration foam roller in crossfit, pilates, yoga training that will help you strengthen your myoskeletal system. Enable yourself to perform better during your daily workout sessions and the results will be rewarding.
• IMPROVE YOUR TOTAL BODY FLEXIBILITY: The InVIBEron active recovery vibration foam roller applies pressure that releases trigger points, loosening muscle knots in your back, calves, it band, hamstrings, areas of the body that tend to feel sore and stiff.
• A RECOVERY AND REHAB TOOL: Help your body recover from strenuous training programs or chronic pain. A great addition to the benefits by physical therapy, ask your therapist now.

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